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Giving legal aid since 1984

Stichting Rechtswinkel Migranten was founded in 1984 by law students and is still run by law students.

Primary Practice Areas

Migration Law

Stichting Rechtswinkel Migranten is specialized in migration law. Dutch law applies strict requirements a migrant must meet in order to obtain a residence in the Netherlands. Migration law is a jurisdiction that is subject to many changes. Stichting Rechtswinkel Migranten helps our clients as adequate as possible.

Labor Law

Stichting Rechtswinkel Migranten can also support you regarding Labor Law. The laws covering employment in the Netherlands are many and various. Dutch employment law covers key areas such as trial periods, Netherlands vacation days, notice and dismissal, the Dutch minimum wage, health and safety and equal treatment.

Other Jurisdictions

Stichting Rechtswinkel Migranten also has knowledge about Social Security Law and Tenancy Law. For questions about these areas of law, you can also contact us! We try to provide you with an advice within 5 working days.

Your Justice Is Our Priority

Stichting Rechtswinkel Migranten is a voluntary organization, which is specialized in Legal Immigration Law, where advanced law students provide free legal advice. The volunteers that work at Stichting Rechtswinkel Migranten have succeeded a number of relevant courses, which guarantees a good basic legal knowledge to help you! Stichting Rechtswinkel Migranten aims to give legal assistance to the less fortunate in our society. The advice we offer is free! Our team  of volunteers speaks multiple languages. Our clients can usually be contacted in their own language if required. For many years at Stichting Rechtswinkel Migranten our volunteers have been dedicated to getting you the justice that you deserve.  Your justice is our priority! 

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