Rechtswinkel Migranten

Stichting Rechtswinkel Migranten is a voluntary organization, which is specialized in Legal Immigration Law, where advanced law students provide free legal advice during consultation hours three times a week. The volunteers that work at Rechtswinkel Migranten have succeeded a number of relevant courses, which guarantees a good basic legal knowledge to help you!

Legal Immigration Law

 Immigration Law covers many aspects. There are residence permits for various purposes such as family reunification or family formation, study, medical treatment, employment. The criteria that must be met to qualift for such a residence permit have become increasinlgy stringent in recent years. 

Stichting rechtswinkel Migranten is specialized in immigration law. This consists of legal immigration law and the right of asylum. We only deal with legal Immigration law.


  • We assist the client in submitting an application within this specialized jurisdiction.
  • We help the cleint with completing forms.
  • We aswer questions regarding your personal situation and try to find the best possible solution.
  • We write objections.
  • We support the client in understanding letters and other documents. 


Closed from 1 July until 3 September / Gesloten van 1 juli tot 3 september

[English below]

Beste heer, mevrouw,

In de zomermaanden (juli en augustus) zijn wij gesloten. In deze periode zijn wij ook niet telefonisch bereikbaar. Het eerstvolgende spreekuur is op dinsdag 3 september.

Tijdens deze maanden zijn wij wel per e-mail te bereiken. Vanwege de beperkte beschikbaarheid van medewerkers zal de beantwoording van uw e-mail wel iets langer duren. We streven ernaar u binnen een week een reactie te sturen.

Namens de vrijwilligers van de Rechtswinkel Migranten wensen wij u een goede zomer.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Rechtswinkel Migranten


Dear Sir, Madam,

During the summer months of July and August we are closed. You cannot visit us and you cannot reach us by phone during this time. We open again on Tuesday 3 September.

However, emails will be read and answered. Due to the limited availability of staff it will take somewhat longer to answer your emails. We aim to answer you within a week.

On behalf of the volunteers of the Rechtswinkel Migranten we wish you a great summer.

Kind regards,

Rechtswinkel Migranten