About us

Regular immigration law

Stichting Rechtswinkel Migranten specializes in immigration law. We advise on the various residence permits with different purposes such as family reunification, study, medical treatment or (self-)employment.

The last couple of years the criteria that must be met in order to qualify for such a residence permit have become increasingly strict, making it more difficult to obtain a residence permit in the Netherlands. Also, immigration law is an area of law that is subject to many changes. At Stichting Rechtswinkel Migranten we advise you with our current knowledge of the law so that you can obtain the residence permit to which you are entitled.

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Other areas of law

At Stichting Rechtswinke Migranten we also have knowledge of labour law, social security law and tenancy law. You can contact us with questions about these areas of law if they have sufficient overlap with regular immigration law.

What we do:


We assist with submission of an application to the Immigration- and Naturalisation Service.


We answer questions related to your personal situation and try to find the best possible solution.


We support you in understanding letters and forms.


We help you fill out forms required for a residence permit.


We write objection letters.


The board of Stichting Rechtswinkel Migranten in 2022/2023 is made up of:

Chair: Laura Bertacchini

Vice chair: Evan White

Secretary/treasurer: Bobbie ten Haaft